Are we talking the same?

So, tomorrow will likely see another march of PEGIDA in Germany, one day after one-and-a-half million people marched in Paris. What's the difference?

Anyone with eyes can see it: the PEGIDA demonstrations in Germany attract seedy racist right wing elements. No doubt.
More important, for the first time they also attract people genuinely worried. Worried about the disturbing ways orthodox Islam manifests itself in European society.

Not worried because they think Muslims look funny, smell strange or talk weird. Likewise they don't define Islamization as a few people believing in Allah. It's about something quite more profound.

It's about the ideas of people who think women are second rate citizens. That they should behave submissive and dress decent.
That women not wearing hijabs outside, going out alone, sustaining themselves without male supervision are all depraved.
That homosexuals should be killed.
That constitutional rights are uninteresting bylaws, to be neglected and surpassed by the shari'ah.
That it is prohibited to criticize Muhammad - punishable by death.
That no one has the right to believe different.
That no one has the right to not believe or leave the one and only faith. And has to pay for apostasy with his life.
That non-Muslim people are inferior.
That men and women who travel to Syria and Iraq to murder and decapitate, enslave women and rape them at will are heroes.
That human rights are typical depraved western ideas.
That Jews are in on about everything wrong in this world.
That the Holocaust is a lie and if not, a failed project to eliminate all Jews for good.

The protest and fear is about European political establishment. It has a misguided quest to support the most radical elements of the Islamic faith as a way to "integration". Rabid Wahhabi and Salafi orthodoxy hailed as enrichment of the multicultural society.

It's about politicians and opinion cheerleaders who once burned bra's as a proof of female oppression by males, yet now think wearing a burqa will support female emancipation.
People who think that a guy like Tariq Ramadan is a moderate and a good university teacher. He promotes a "provisional halt" to the stoning of adulterous women to discuss it before reinstating it.
People like Germaine Greer. She compares plastic surgery for women (sexist) with forced genital mutilation of girls (all cultural and complicated).
Editor-in-chief of the Dutch "feminist magazine" _Opzij_ claims the hijab is a victory of free choice in the west. Yet blue and pink Lego reinforces abject gender stereotypes.
A "professor" from Leiden University, states Shari'a law is 95% compatible with Dutch law. His academic seat is sponsored by Oman.

Nonsense? None of the statements above is made up.

Educated and supported by these people, the majority of Muslims silently agrees and stays in the rut of backwardness. Not prone to violence of any kind, time and again they agree with all of the above as justifiable and truly Islamic. There's no pressure to think different, to question orthodoxy. On the contrary. Beliefs go from generation to generation.
The occasional Muslim who supports gender equality and free speech is easily abandoned.
Threatened by their own religious "soul mates", abandoned by those wanting to be "good after the war".
As long as this unholy alliance keeps a chokehold on western society, it will indeed be in peril. How much remains to be seen.

One thing is sure. Questioning the validity of the potential destructive choice for orthodoxy over reform is best not described as 'Islamophobic'. Let alone anyone questioning it labeling as 'racist' or 'neo-nazi'.