Gigaom, when Internet is cheap

nothing extra

A few days ago, Gigaom closed its real doors. Its virtual doors are still open, although no one knows for how long.

A Dutch magazine interviewed a tech expert, stating that in the sea of tech blogs, Gigaom was nothing special and therefore added nothing extra.

I tend to disagree.

your average Joe (or Jane)

I'm a guy with an iPad, a laptop, an old desktop computer. A smartphone. A consumer.

I learned myself BASIC on a Sinclair microcomputer, which only half a billion other people did.

I learned to assemble my own computer (which is about as complicated as doing Lego). I'm that friend or family member you call when Windows hicks up. Which makes me a real tech guy. For friends and family.

My only real claim to fame dates back to the early '80s, when as part of a Fortran IV course on my University I was able to crash a mainframe with a prime number program (yes, I did!). Oh, and I know Novel Netware 2.2, which was all the hype twenty-five years ago. I have a certificate to prove it.

Am I clear? You know, I know things.

But I do not know the tech world. I follow tech news, I don't create it, nor do I have any valuable opinion to add to it. Apart from this time, of course.

flowers and weeds

What I do know is that the Internet is a garden full of flowers and full of weeds. All you can do is go along and appreciate if you find the flowers and evade the weeds.

There are two ways to find the flowers (or to evade the weeds for that matter) and that is either getting informed by others or finding out yourself - without prior recommendation. Let's call it the surprise find

Sometimes you just find a site you like. It gives you more. Gigaom was such a site for me. It didn't just pass the latests fads, it reflected on them and much more.

That's what I liked about Gigaom. I noticed that I always found their contributions insightful; opiniated.

opinions, not just the news

With the abundance of information at your fingertips - just Google it, young man - no one needs another news source. At least I don't.

What I do need however is an informed opinion; something that goes deeper than the obvious. It might sound stupid, but often I wonder "what should I think about that?", what should be my opinion?

Anyone providing me with a piece of insight, no matter if I agree or disagree, helps me answering those questions. Tech writers at Gigaom did that. Not always worth adapting their opinion but always worth while considering.

slow food

Slow food, no fast food meals. It's a rarity on Internet. And now we have one rarity less.

Former Gigaom people, I hope you all find your way again. I know how it feels when your lovechild suddenly goes bust.

I don't know what happened, but for me it's the result that counts. And that result is not good.

All the best to you.

edit: GigaOM has found a new owner and is up again.