The Most Dangerous Writing App

I wrote this text with (on) The Most Dangerous Writing App. It took me five minutes. Try it yourself, if you dare.

My head is bursting. I'm looking around for relief, but can't seem to find it. What should I do? Let the text disappear without a trace or monetize on my brilliancy and keep on typing? I decide the former, because I'm not capable of making sensible decisions. Not to mention the moment I type some mistake and have to correct it way too slow. It'll make my text disappear. That can't be good. Another reason why I decide to let the text disappear is that I already feel I have to repeat myself to come up with coherent and sensible sentences and words. How can I continue this for five whole minutes? A quick look in the upper right corner of my screen makes me scream with amazement. I'm already halfway and not out of ideas to put on paper! Will it last? Will I last? Will I be able to complete the goal? Drunken with success I am unaware of the fact that the backdoor of my house slowly opens. A foul stench reaches my nostrils. How I'd wish I had paid attention to the stench. But alas, my euphoria about my rapid progress is clouding my judgement. I must write on, oblivious to the fact that my doom is around the corner. Seconds only to the five minute mark. Will I make it? Will it make any difference? And why am I able to tell this in the first place? Where did my doom go?