Peter F. Hamilton - Pandora's Star

Reading a book is choosing a book, catering to your taste. But sometimes you come upon a book that's special, even if you're not interested in the time or the theme. It's just a great book. Those books appeal to all. No wonder we start to call these books "literature" and "classics".

There are also books quite the contrary. They only cater a certain crowd which in turn adores everything the author produces. Like people watching every single episode of a soap, posting on forums about it and joining communities dedicated to their series and characters. Peter Hamilton's books are in this category. People who like to read every single detail just about everything and anything without wondering where the story might go or what it changes in the main characters.

For others - like me, I admit - it means hundreds of pages of filler, literally dozens and dozens of characters unrelated to a well-hidden plot and the discovery that at the end of the book you'll have to sit through another counterweight of a book.

If you're not only interested in the name of character x but also in his every single move the last few hundred years, including his family, his home town, his car and its spare parts, you have a winner with Hamilton. If you're interested in a well written story that leads somewhere, stay clear of Hamilton altogether.