Richard Brautigan - Trout Fishing in America

Maybe it is too short a time between Trout Fishing in America and today. Reading it led people back in the Sixties to say " Wow, man, groovy". Today it can lead to eyebrows raising. What is this hippie idiocy? A gigantic LSD-trip? A sit-in with all participants on high?

And yet the book is charming. It has a flow, it has a nice but critical undertone. It doesn't belittle American society of that time, but observes it with humor and a bit of sarcasm. It is a trip indeed, but a fun trip through contemporary history. A trip without nasty afterthoughts.

It's difficult to describe what the book is about. It's about America when Richard Brautigan was young. It's about America when Richard Brautigan was on a fishing trip with his wife and kid in Idaho. It's about America when Richard Brautigan was living in San Francisco. All that and more. A bit of poetry, a dollop of sarcasm, and a cast of weird people with weird behavior who are real nevertheless. Even if they happen to be a statue.

It's short and sweet. It'll make you laugh and frown, sometimes even on the same page, reading the same short chapter. You understand?

It's like " Wow, man, groovy." You know what I mean.